Craig Tanner has made the commitment to give back to two causes he is passionate about - Ronald McDonald House Parkville and Paediatric Brain Cancer Research, following his son Aaron's journey with medulloblastoma, the most common form of paediatric brain tumour.

Young Aaron was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in September 2016, much to the shock of family and friends. Since then, Aaron and his family, including his parents Craig and Hannah and brothers Seth, Isaac and Eli, have been on a journey which will ultimately see Aaron happy and healthy.

To give back to those who have supported his family through this trying time, Craig has committed to walking from Tugun, just over the QLD border to Toora in South Gippsland. This is approximately 2,500km that he will have to walk! He will be leaving from Tugun on October 14th 2017.

Along the way, Craig is hoping to take on a range of dares (at a price!) and engage local communities in his campaign to raise funds and awareness for two causes he cares about.

Please donate today to support Craig and these amazing organisations.

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