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Each night the House accommodates over 100 people. Since opening in 1986, over 562,000 nightly guests have been accommodated, with an average of 36,000 nightly guests each year. Over 10,000 families have needed to call our House ‘home’ while they stay close to their children in hospital.

The House is a vital support service for so many families in need, offering warmth and inspiration and allowing friendships to be formed as families share a similarly challenging journey. The House is a place where everyone understands the importance of small ‘wins’ and the celebrations that come with these along with the empathy and outpouring of love when facing immense sadness in their lives.

Why is our Adopt-A-Room program so vital and urgent?

As hospital stays, treatments and surgeries increase annually, so does the demand for our much needed service. On many occasions we have to turn people away as we are operating at full capacity.

Like any home, wear and tear is inevitable and our rooms need to be continually maintained to ensure we meet the needs of families and that the service we offer remains at a high standard.

Who will benefit from your Adopt-A-Room support?

Our House is an ideal place for families to be together, with people who may be going through a similar experience so have access to a support network.

The impact of having the rooms consistently ‘up to scratch’ and at a presentable high standard will be that the caring and welcoming atmosphere of our ‘home away from home’ will endure. The most important thing that people experience when they walk in our doors is the feeling that the House is a ‘soft place to land’; it’s a safe and caring environment where people support you.

What is required?

There are currently a number of rooms available for adoption. Ronald McDonald House Parkville has 47 rooms containing 184 beds. Each room requires ongoing general maintenance including repainting, updating of fixtures and fittings, blinds, bed linen and doonas, plus flooring repairs. To ensure the upkeep of rooms $5,000 is required for each room annually, for a three year commitment.

NOTE: GST is also applicable for corporate sponsorships of our Adopt-A-Room Program.

To Adopt-a-Room today, please contact the Dvelopment Team on 9345 6303 or via

Ronald McDonald House Charities VicTas

Ronald McDonald House Charities VicTas is a not for profit dedicated to providing a 'home away from home' for families with a seriously ill child undergoing specialist paediatric care. We have 3 Ronald McDonald Houses at Hobart, Monash and Parkville, all with bedrooms, communal kitchens, dining, living areas, playrooms and outside lounge and play areas. We also operate Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at Monash, Northern, Sunshine and Wodonga Hospitals to provide respite for families off the ward, including showers, laundry facilities, nap rooms and kitchens. Our Ronald McDonald Learning Program ensures unwell children at risk of missing out on crucial schooling have access to the supports they need to reintegrate into the classroom.
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